how about for my macbook air 2010

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    yes they are compatible with the 2010 macbook air

  • Of course. It simply uses a 3.5mm jack which is just about compatible with everything.

  • They work with everything.

  • Not a very specific question but yes you can use it with Macbook Air or any Macbook.

  • Yes, these will work on a MacBook Air. However, only audio is supported.

  • They'll work fine with your MBA 2010.

  • They use the same as every other type of ear phone, which is the standard [2 or 3 pin] jack. they will work on pretty much EVERYTHING from apple products to PCs to portable game consoled like the 3DS. Hope this helps you.

  • it will work on all computer

  • It's a standard mini jack plug, so will work on all devices (no matter brand) with that plug. So yes, will work also with all Apple laptops.

  • They are basically like the last generation of earbuds apple has released, it's just redesigned to be more comfortable, and have better audio.

  • They will be compatible with every notebook, mac or desktop as well as the iPod devices.

    Yes for you MacBook air 2010 will be compatible

  • They do work with the MacBook Air models (Early and Late 2011 models).

  • They would work with any device that had a 3.5mm headphone output jack.

  • Yep, they'll work with the macbook and any other device with a standard headphone jack.

  • As long as it has a headphone jack i will work.

  • It's a headphone, it will work with anything that uses a headphone jack. The only funtion that may not work is the volume buttonsand mute button.

  • Yes, it should work.

  • Yep, MacBook Air 2010 has the same headphone port as all other Macbooks of the past 4 years and will work with the microphone and controls on the earpods.

  • yes. the earpods will work with the macbook air 2010 as long as there is a 3.5mm headphone jack they will work with any device.

  • The older Apple headphones work just fine, so there's no reason why the newer ones won't.