How can I play movies from Itune on my Ipad, to my TV

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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    Assuming that you have an HDTV that accepts RGB HD connections, you can buy the HD Component Cable for the iPad and stream movies (movies from iTunes, movies that you have RIP'd from DVD's, movies that you might download, or any other type of video that can play on the device) to your TV. But your iPad must be close to the TV and you can't use a remote control this way. This is not convenient at all.

    What is convenient and very cool is the Apple TV ($99) with a home networking system, your iPad, and an HD TV. Using the free app "REMOTE" made by Apple, you can completely control your Apple TV with your iPad wirelessly, anywhere in your home by using basically the whole screen for touch controls.

    What is also cool with this setup is that you can watch any videos that you have on your computer as well as any videos on your iPad, or any videos that you have at YouTube, Flickr, and Netflix. You get to use the keyboard on the iPad to type for searching, to type for inputting your account information and such. Rather than using the remote control to slowly move the cursor around until you are on the right letter and then you have to click again just to register one letter, while if you use the iPad, you just simply type away very easily and much faster.

    So it is much easier to use the Apple TV with an HDMI HD connection from the Apple TV to your HD TV makes for crazy clear video on your TV, and it operates wirelessly, anywhere in your home, and you not only can play anything on your iPad, but you can also play anything on your computer right from your iPad. Playing a video from your computer using your iPad via the Apple TV allows you to use your iPad for whatever you want while the video is playing. If you use any cables, you cannot use your iPad while a video is playing, and that is bad.

  • I watch movies from my ipad on my tv with the apple component av cable. Its works great.