How can I reach the second row on my dashboard with my magic mouse since I don't have the scroll ball anymore

I want to be able to reach the second row of my dashboard and also have my prefered icons that I use to have by just pressing on the scroll ball right there on the screen. By the way I love this new magic mouse anyway. Thank you

QA Apple Mighty Mouse

QA Apple Mighty Mouse

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    Depress once, pulling up the dashboard as you would normally. Now find the icon on the bottom left of your screen that sorta looks like an "X" within a circle and depress it. The second row should then appear.

  • You can:

    1. Go to your finder
    2a. Search for dashboard
    2b. go to applications and find the dashboard app
    3. put dashboard in your dock
    4. click on it in your dock

    There you go!

  • All you need to do is move your mouse down till' you see your 2nd dashboard.