How do i find out if my ipod is a second generation ipod

I do not know if my ipod is a second generation and I don't want to order it and it not fit that would be a waste of money

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    If you are able to listen to music without headphones, or have volume control on your ipod then it is a 2nd or 3rd generation. The 1st generation does not allow people to listen to music by itself with built in speakers, while the 2nd and 3rd generation had built in speakers.

  • Well to clear things up, there is really only two generations, not three. What people consider to be the "third" generation is just the 2nd gen, but updated processor and a 64GB version being added to the line. Now, back to your main question. There are a few distinctions between the first and second generation that can be seen immediately. The second generation has an external volume control located on the left side of the iPod. The first generation does not. The first generation also lacks the speakers that the second generation has. So these are just a few ways to check what generation you have. You can also open your iPod settings and go to "General" and then "About." If the model number starts with MD or MC, then you have the 2nd gen (MC is the updated one).