How do the MM-1 Speakers stack up against the Bose Companion 5? Is it even a comparison??

I currently have the Companion 5's and I love'em. I'm thinking about selling them to pick up a pair of the MM-1 if they are truly worth it.

If you were me, would you just stick with the Companion 5's? Would you sell the Companion 5's for the MM-1S?

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers

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    Thank you for the detailed differences between the two company apporaches.

    I went ahead and purchased the B&W MM-1's a few months ago, re-ripped half of my iTunes library in lossless and I have to say that the speakers are similpy amazing.

    It allows you to appreciate your music in a whole new way, a way that gives you goose bumps when you listen to your favorite song or CD. The speakers let you listen to music the way music was supposed to be listened to.

    They will only get better with time. You will be blown away.

  • If you need/like bigger-than-life sound and like hyped bass then Bose would be the way to go. I find their trebles metallic but that is subjective.

    If you are looking for accurate sound representation in a small package then MM-1 are hard to beat and Bose is nowhere near.

  • I own both these sets of speakers and prefer Bose Companion 5. They just have a fuller sound that is warmer and more pleasing. Also the MM-1 do not have a separate sub-woofer so if you want a great bass sound these speakers just can't do it. They are great if you want that super minimalist look with decent sound.