How does Bose Soundlink bluetooth compare to Jambox?

Bose SoundLink® Wireless Mobile Speaker - LX

Bose SoundLink® Wireless Mobile Speaker - LX

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    I purchased both the SoundLink and the Jambox to compare on my own terms. Jambox is not much bigger than a stick of butter. Bose SoundLink is about the size of a hardcover book. Jambox can pair with up to two devices, includes a speakerphone function, and can charge using any standard USB charger, such as the ones Apple includes with iPad. SoundLink can remember up to six devices, and it has a user-replaceable LiIon battery.

    Jambox produces a surprising quality and volume of sound that belies its diminutive size. With the latest firmware update, the LiveSound feature greatly improves stereo separation so long as you are seated directly in front of the unit within a few feet. Move off center and the effect goes away. Jambox seems best suited for personal listening or for small groups. Both units are sensitive to room placement. For example, you can accentuate bass output by placing either unit on a table or counter backed into a corner.

    SoundLink is simply more musical with better overall balance in sound, and it can output significantly louder volume than the Jambox if necessary. While Jambox provides a hint of bass, SoundLink lets you hear and enjoy bass melody lines, such as a fretless bass in acoustic jazz. SoundLink can fill a hotel room with enjoyable music you can listen to all day. Jambox is a neat trick, and sometimes sounds amazing, and sometimes not so much.

    Both units are great, really. Jambox can slip into a laptop bag or jacket pocket. SoundLink easily packs into a roll aboard carry-on padded between clothes.

    I'm tempted to keep both units, but the SoundLink wins out for enjoyable audio. It is more musical in the end, which is what counts for me.

  • In my opinion the Bose sounds slightly better, also the volume on the Bose seems to go much higher, I was pretty disappointed with the volume on the Jambox.

    - Both are very easy to connect to via bluetooth.
    - Both have a 3.5mm jack input.

    - According to the spec sheets the Jambox has (up to) 10 hours of battery where the SoundLink only has (up to) 8 (although i've never conducted a real life battery test.)
    - Obviously the Jambox wins hands down on size and weight.
    - Also the Jambox has the ability to conducted loudspeaker conference calls, whereas the Bose SoundLink does not.

    But still in my opinion the SoundLink has the better quality sound and louder volume.

  • What is not addressed is the price difference. The Bose goes for almost twice as much as the Jambox and yet yields slightly better performance. For me, being on a budget, I say the practically speaking, the Jambox wins.