How does the Air SuperDrive eject a disk? Is it a slot drive?

Apple USB SuperDrive

Apple USB SuperDrive

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    To eject a SuperDrive from the new MacAir (2011 model without an eject key) follow these steps:

    Applications Folder >Utilities > Disk Utility

    • Click on SuperDrive icon which will show up in the left window

    • Click on “Eject” from menu bar drop down menu

  • For the new MacBook Air that does not have an eject button on the keyboard, open Finder and on the left side of the window underneath "Devices" you can select to eject the disc.

  • You can also select the disk on the desktop (if CD/DVD is enabled for desktop icons) and press ⌘E to eject the disc.

  • I think command E will work too

  • No eject button on new mac book air - how do you eject a disk from the air super drive?

  • The MacBook Air SuperDrive ejects using the Eject Key on the top right hand corner of your keyboard. It can also be ejected by throwing the icon of the superdrive into the trash. And yes it is slot loading drive.

  • Yes, it is a slot drie and it ejects disc via the eject button on the keyboard.

  • There's an eject button on the MacBook Air's Internal keyboard.