How does the MIC work? Where is it?

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    The mic is located in between the opposite + and - volume buttons, that whole flat Matt kind layer you feel is the mic FYI

  • the microphone is on the volume up/down switch, its not exposed like the old pair to prevent damage. To test it open up Voice recorder or any other app using the microphone and talk into it.

  • The Mic. is in the middle of the cord on the right side...i think...anyways up and down keys can be used to turn volume up and down, middle button can be used to active Siri or switch through songs. You can also continue phone conversations with the built in mic. Im not sure if you can answer from the remote though.

  • Mic is in the rocker switch. They work great for hands free calls and Skype.

  • The MIC should be on the right side if not the left.the (+) sign,turns up the volume and the (-) sign,turns the volume down.The button in the middle allows you to play,pause,fast forward,rewind,and more.
    Push it once to play and pause.
    Push it twice to go to the next song.
    Push it three times to go to the previous song or repeat the current song.
    Push it twice and hold to fast forward.
    Push it three times and hold to rewind.
    If you have a iphone,then the MIC will work while you're talking to someone.The MIC should work with SIRI and other things that use the MIC.