How is the quality of this case in comparison to its two predecessors: BookBook for iPhone 4s, and BookBookBook for iPhone 5?

I have the BookBook for both phones, and have noticed a considerable difference in the quality between the versions (both officially from Twelve South).

The quality of the BookBook for the iPhone 4s was superb. The leather felt as if it were made of better quality, more leathery and "real," if you will.

The quality of the BookBook for iPhone 5 felt very similar to a leather belt from a discount store, where when looking at the reverse side, you can see that it was made out of compressed blended leather scraps - the kind that after wear and tear start that would start to resemble what low quality plywood would look like when broken.

Additionally, the securing feature of the 4s version was a leather 'pocket,' while the 5 version was 2 plastic clips designed to hold the left and right sides of the phone - that felt to me (and other reviewers) like they may break, resulting in a dropped phone.

How is the quality of the case?
How is the quality of the leather?
How secure does the clipping system for this newer version feel?
Does it feel like potentially after a year or so, that the clipping system that holds the phone in the BookBook could become worn and possibly prone to unclipping/slipping from the BookBook and falling/etc?

Thanks in advance!

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 6/6s

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 6/6s

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