How is this different from the City Brief model?

Incase Nylon Pro Sling Sleeve Deluxe for MacBook

Incase Nylon Pro Sling Sleeve Deluxe for MacBook

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    I just saw them both in person at the store just now so here are some of the differences I noticed. They both have 2 separate pockets on the outside but the city sleeve has one zipper for both pockets while the city brief has 2 zippers (1 for each pocket). The material is different, I think the sleeve is nylon and the brief is polyester. The material in the brief seemed more durable in my opinion. The brief is a little thicker or wider when viewed from the side and I think it has a little more cushioning for the laptop. Also, the city sleeve has an extra zipper at the bottom to open and plug in the charger with the laptop in the case but the brief does not have that zipper. I chose to buy the city brief because I thought it was a better bag overall, although they were both good bags.