how long do i charge new battery first time installed

just bought a new battery for my powerbook, cannot find paperwork that came with computer specifying how long to charge the battery the first time i use it. Or do I drain the battery to zero the first time i use it?

QA Rechargeable Battery Aluminum PowerBook G4

QA Rechargeable Battery Aluminum PowerBook G4

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    According to the user's manual, "Powerbook G4 15-inch, Getting Started",

    you install the battery into the computer and let it fully charge until the power
    adapter light turns green.

    Disconnect the power supply and run the computer until the computer goes to
    sleep. ( a warning dialog will come on before it actually goes to sleep. Just keep closing the dialog until the computer sleeps.)

    Reconnect the charger and charge to full capacity.

    The battery has been "calibrated" for maximum efficiency. No need to do this procedure again.