How to extend the range of Airport extreme

We are in a one floor office environment. At the two far ends of the office the WiFi signal is marginal. How can I extend the range of our Time Capsule - 2TB so that everyone can back into it and have reliable internet access? Is there some repeaters station set-up available?)

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Adding either an Airport Extreme or an Airport Express (or more than one or a combination of either/both) can be used to extend the wireless network and allow their own wireless clients, your Time Capsule would still act as router and still assign DCHP addresses, etc., as/if required.

  • Any third-party repeater will do the trick. If you want to stick to the simplicity of the Airport devices, the Airport Express works well as a repeater.

  • To use AirPort Express to extend a WiFi network, simply plug it into the wall. Then, using the AirPort Utility on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch (for iDevices, download the free AirPort Utility app from the App Store), set up the AirPort Express to extend the WiFi network. You have the options of the AirPort Express creating a new WiFi network, joining an existing network, or extending an existing network. The "extending an existing network" option only works with AirPort Extremes or Time Capsules.

  • This is more of a follow up question.

    How to you use an airport express to extend the range?

    do you just plug it in in a room thats is within rage of the capsule? Do you set it next to the capsule?