How to you set up an airport extreme with an existing dsl router / modem combo?

I have a 2wire AT&T router / modem combo. How do I setup an airport extreme with the existing dsl router without buying a stand alone modem? Or would it be better to have a stand alone modem? Are there some settings in the 2wire router I need to change? Please no acronyms...I push enough buttons to eventually get things to work, but I am not a computer genius, hence my desire to switch to macs. Thanks

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    No need to buy a stand-alone modem.

    Turn off the wireless function of the 2wire modem/router by opening a web browser and typing:
    into the address bar. Click the Home Network tab. Under Local Interfaces find and click "Disable" next to Wireless.

    Install onto your computer the software from the AirPort CD that is included with the base station. Remove the CD. Before you plug in the AirPort Extreme, first connect the appropriate cables to the ports you want to use:

    Connect the Ethernet cable from the "modem" port of the 2wire to the single Ethernet WAN port of the AirPort.

    Connect a USB cable from the USB port on the AirPort Extreme to a
    compatible USB printer (if you will print to a USB printer), a hard disk, or a hub.

    Connect an Ethernet cable from any Ethernet device (including an Ethernet printer or multi-function) to the Ethernet LAN ports.

    After you have connected the cables for all the devices you plan to use, connect the AC adapter to the power port, and plug your AirPort Extreme into a power outlet. There is no power switch.

    In a few minutes the Extreme's status light will continually flash amber. Open the utility "AirPort Utility" now located on your computer, select your base station after it has been discovered, click Continue and follow the onscreen instructions to create a new network.