How well does OSX work with a touch screen monitor?

I have found the iPhone touch screen and voice over technology to be remarkably useful. I am wondering if there is similar technology built into OSX.6 when coupled with a touch screen monitor.

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    Mac OS X works fine with most touch-screen monitors, you just have to make sure you have the correct drivers installed for the monitor. Then it should work fine.

    If you would like to see how well a Mac works with a touch-screen though, I do recommend that you look up a website called Troll Touch (A company that specializes in touch-enabled Macs) or Axiotron (A company that make custom-made tablet MacBooks) there are also some good videos about touch-screen Macs on YouTube, so It may be worth your time checking on there!

    I personally use a little 15" touch-screen monitor with my iMac, and it works fine! Just be sure to check the compatibility information that comes with your monitor!

  • I know this is an old post, but it is now 2016 and the answer is clearly no. Most touch screen interfaces have standard HID protocols and work on any Win 7 or later PC without any drivers. When you do find drivers for a mac it runs in a mouse emulation state which is clunky and a bad experience. This is one area you are better off using bootcamp or a PC box and find the joy of using touch screens. I use touch screens a lot at work for collaboration and presentations and I just wish I could use one of my Macs, but I have to use a Win 10 box or bootcamp. I wish Apple would get with the times.