How will they work with existing wall dimmers?

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

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    Dimming of lights must be done thru the app. Your wall dimmer will not dim these bulbs. In fact, your dimmer switch must be set to full "on" or the bulbs will not turn on. If you try to dim the bulbs with the wall switch, the bulbs will turn off.

  • The material included says not to use with wall dimmers.

  • Not going to be compatible... Wall dimmers control the voltage going to the device. The Hue has its own electronics for controlling brightness but needs a constant voltage available.

  • These are not designed to be dimmed via a wall dimmer. When you start to slide the dimmer down, the bulb will flicker and go out without dimming, and it won't be good for the bulb. These are meant to be dimmed via the electronic wi-fi feature only.

  • NO! Plugging into a dimmer will destroy the bulb electronics. However you can plug into an appliance module switched outlet, because the appliance module outputs full sine-wave power.

  • Dimmers will have to be left on maximum setting for brightness. Then you will be able to dim the lights with your iOS device or computer.

  • These lamps are not compatible with dimmer switches.

  • No need wall dimmers anymore. You can dim down by Iphone/Ipad very easy.

  • Just set the brightness to high and keep it at that setting and it will work fine.

  • They will work, but the dimmer will only work as a on and of switch.

  • Yes, the dimmer or wall switch works as normal and overrides any 'recipe'.