I already have an apogee duet. Can I use a Gio at the same time?

Apogee GiO Guitar Interface

Apogee GiO Guitar Interface

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    Yes, you could use GiO as your controller for the Guitar Modeling in GarageBand, Logic, or MainStage, and run your guitar through the Duet.

    You could also do what's called "Aggregate Device" and combine the Inputs and Outputs of GiO and Duet.

    To set up an Aggregate Device: (Snow Leopard)
    Go to "Audio MIDI Set Up" Application found in Utilities
    Click on the + button on the bottom right of the window
    Check GiO and Duet

    Now when you're setting your Audio Device (Audio Input / Output)
    in your Mac, GarageBand, Logic, or MainStage,
    Aggregate Device will be an option along with any other device you have plugged in.

  • I asked the same question of Apogee and yes you can. You use the Duet via firewire and the GiO via USB. In this case you don't use the i/o of the GiO and just use it to control your transport controls (Logic, Garageband, etc) and the amp/effects selection in the same software programs. It does make it a bit expensive to just use it for transport controls as you are paying for the great Apogee converter but not making use of it (of course if you need another input channel beyond what you have in the Duet then you could use the one in the GiO, however that would take some tweaking in the Mac to recognize all the inputs).