I am somewhat visually impaired, what I need to know is how much will this help on lessening the amount of glare and helping reduce eye strain?

Moshi iVisor Pro Matte Screen Protector for MacBook Pro

Moshi iVisor Pro Matte Screen Protector for MacBook Pro

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    Hi Ward,

    I have this screen protector on my 13" MBP and to be honest, it really only helps reduce the sharpness of the glare. You will still have certain lighting conditions that cause glare.

    For example, I currently have my MBP on my desk and there is a window behind me. If the blinds are open, I can still see the reflection of the window in the back. The glare is definitely not quite as sharp as it would be without the iVisor, but it's there nonetheless.

    I will say that as far as eye strain goes, this does appear to help a lot. It softens the LCD display quite a bit.

    Hope that helps!


  • The antiglare coating(looks purplish) on the native screen works better at reducing glare than this matte screen. In fact, this matte screen increases glare for me especially in bright areas. Because the matte screen is not optically clear it makes the screen not as high resolution so for me it increases eye strain as things don't look as clear as stock.