I don't understand how the Apple Remote works with iPhone. Can someone explain it to me?

Apple Remote

Apple Remote

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    you'll need the apple dock (available separately) in order to use it with the iphone, this connects to your stereo and enables you to control your music remotely

  • The remote works with the Universal docking station. And the Universal docking station works with the iPhone. So, when the iPhone is docked you can play pause, rewind and forward music an movies

  • The same way it works with an iPod - you need to dock your iPhone into an Apple iPod Universal Dock for this remote to work

  • It doesn't, unless you have your iPhone docked with an Apple Universal Dock.

  • Very broad question. If you mean navigation, no, it can't. You can play, pause, next-previous, and adjust the volume, but you can't select a specific song. you have to touch your iPhone to do that.

  • It would only work if the iPhone was connected to a dock with an infrared sensor. Otherwise, it won't see the remote.