I have a bigger ear canal/slot/hole than most. As does everyone else in my family. Would these new earPods fit and hold better than the others?

The initial ear buds would always fall out of our ears with the slightest move. Whenever I would want to go running, I'd have to hold an ear bud up to my ear, which made running awkward. Or I would have to tape the ear buds to my ears and put my hoody up as to not be embarrassed. They would just never hold in their. I'm looking at the design of the earPods and I can't tell if they will stay in or slip out. I can't tell what is different about the design that would cause them to hold more. Will they?

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    I have big ears, too. Not the largest, but I do use the "Large" size ear-plugs for work. My EarPods stay in as long as I am running, but work loose when I'm walking. They haven't actually fallen out while walking, the post of gristle covering the ear canal in the lower-shell of my ear keeps that from happening, but it feels uncomfortably like they're /going/ to fall out.

    I have not had a problem with them falling out during push-ups or sit-ups, but they fall out every time I bend over to stretch or tie laces, and often drag out from from friction on the cord when I do torso-twists.

  • It depends. You'll have to try them for yourself. They seem to fit most people, but not everyone. They do not fit my ears and I am unsure why this is. My friends have no issues.