I have a Dunlop Crybaby wah-wah pedal. Will this work as an 'expression pedal' for GiO?

Apogee GiO Guitar Interface

Apogee GiO Guitar Interface

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    No. A Wah is NOT an Expression Pedal. A real Expression Pedal is a CV pedal that was used on old Analogue Synths to Convert Voltages/CV to manipulate sounds and filters. So You'll need like a Boss/Roland Expression Pedal like their EV5/EV7 Pedals or the cooler Boss FV-500H mono High Impedance pedal that's in good metal casing and has great CV range. A regular Wah or Volume type Pedal is based on a Potentiometer that makes the sound happen and does not Convert Voltage like an Expression Pedal. Moog also makes an Expression Pedal but it's construction is not good and I had one and scrapped it for Boss.

  • Apogee's support website states the only expression pedals they officially support are the Roland EV-5 and the Yamaha FC-7. There's a detailed technical discussion of how pedals work (or not) with the GiO in the FAQ section of Apogee's support site.