I have a new MacBook Pro 15" and I travel to China often. How do I get a plug for the Chinese socket? Not the whole power supply but the cord?

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    The Apple world travel kit doesn't work with all Chinese sockets. Some Chinese sockets will accept the US 2 prong plug (220V though). Other Chinese sockets will accept the Australian slanted 2 prong plug. Both of these are in the Apple world travel kit.

    The trouble is that in many areas, the Chinese socket require a 3 prong plug that resembles the Australian slated 2 prong plug with an added 3rd prong for a ground. This type of socket works like the British or Hong Kong 3 prong sockets. The male ground plug must be slightly longer than the other two prongs. This longer ground prong is necessary to trip the protector that lets the other 2 male prongs enter the socket.

    The Apple world travel kit doesn't provide an adapter for this type of socket. If that is the socket you need, you're better off using your US plug and buying an adapter in China.

  • The Apple set of world power adapters are magnificent, I use them all the time, especially in China. Some people moan that they are too expensive (then don't buy Apple gear in the first place) but they are well made, very portable and the best travelling power solution I have ever used. Just search for World Travel Adapter Kit - 30 quid is a bargain in my view

  • apple sells a world travel kit. it includes pulls for all over the world