I have no wireless service. Can I get a router to communicate between my iPad and this printer? Which?

I have asked this question of many techs and get various answers. Even at the Apple Store there have been various answers. Is the router a device to communicate between the printer and iPad? Can I buy an inexpensive router or do I have to get the Apple Airport? Thanks.

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    I can answer my own question. With the help of an Apple Tech and an Epson tech I used the Apple Airport Express and this printer to print from my iPad. It was much easier than I thought. Someone with a little more computer literacy than I, could probably due without one or both techs. I didn't bother to think about getting a cheaper router as I wanted to be able to return the router if I had problems. By the way the Airport Express is small enough to carry from one location to another if I want to set up another air printer at another location. The printer itself is too large for me to transport except by car.