I have the keyboard with numeric keypad. Is there an extension cord for this product?

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Product No Longer Available

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    As you know, the keyboard has a short cord attached to it - this has an end that is incompatible with a standard USB port. However, there is a "short" extension included in the box, which does have a standard usb connector on it.

    This connector can be connected to any USB extension, as long as the total length of all the cables doesn't exceed the maximum recommended length of a USB cable to an unpowered device/hub. Range can be extended further by adding powered hubs/repeaters to the cable.

    Almost any electronics store/computer store should have the proper extension cable. One end will be a Male "A" type, the other a Female "A".

  • I just purchased one of these keyboards today, & there was no extension included in box. Just the keyboard with a short cord attached.

  • Yes, This keyboard actually comes with one in the box.

  • Your keyboard came with an extension cord in the box! My family owns three of these keyboards, and all came with an extra USB extension cord.