I have the Logitech keyboard. Is this case compatible with that?

  • Asked about:  Tech21 Impact Mesh Case for iPad

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    You can not double up on cases with ANY case. You CAN add an Apple Smart cover - and use it together with this case, but that's all.

    If you are asking ONLY about the keys on the keyboard - this case like any other case will not interfere with the bluetooth connection.

    So you could use the tech 21 Mesh, together with an Apple Smart cover to prop up the iPad mini on a table. You could then use a keyboard with the iPad mini in the Tech21 case, but you would not be able to mount the iPad mini onto the keyboard slot or keyboard folio cover. The devices would remain completely separate. In this example the Logitech ultra thin keyboard would work well, but the smart cover, not the slot on the Logitech keyboard cover is what would prop up the iPad for viewing.

  • If you have the Logitech Folio, no the Tech 21 will have to be removed to use the Folio-I have a Folio so I know they are not compatible. Other Logitech items I can't comment on because I don't know.