I have unusually small ear canals and use the smallest adapters on various in-ear buds.  Will these fit and stay in?

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    Answering my own question: Yes! My ear canals are so small, my doctor said they qualify for being "deformed," but these fit!

    They are far more comfortable than even the smallest in-ear kind, and stay in much better. Also, the sound is better than my previous favorites.

    The way they fit is using a squashed-cone-shape, so that they point at, but are not inserted into, the ear canal. They hold on the fleshy area surrounding the canal.

    A benefit of that is when I pause my tunes, I can hear outside conversation well enough that removing them is something I do out of courtesy, not necessity. This also means that I have greater awareness of my surroundings even when I have the volume up.

    I love my old pair of other-brand earbuds, but keeping up with the smallest adapters was a chore; further, they did not have the sound quality, nor did they stay in as well, as these EarPods.

    I decided to try these primarily because my old set did not have a mic for Skype and Siri communication, nor volume control-- but I had low expectation for fitting me. What a pleasant surprise.

    Three negatives:

    1) I wear dark colors, and white wires on my dark shirts is ugly.

    2) The jack is "straight-in" and so will be its weakest point. (I bought a 3.5mm, 4-pole, 90 degree, adapter to resolve that leading cause of premature earbud/headphone death).

    3) The wires are thinner than I would like. No doubt this is an engineering trade-off due to the manner in which these stay in the ear (too much weight pulling on them would be uncomfortable after awhile), but since I have always worn mine draped from behind my neck and resting on each shoulder, thicker wires would be an improvement.)