I use Macbook air 11" connected to thundervolt display 27" with thundervolt cable. Can this be inserted in between, so that it daisy chained?

Since both products have only one thundervolt port.

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    I was using the Lacie Thunderbolt esata hub adapter connected via Thunderbolt to a mac mini server, and then daisy chaining off of the Lacie hub to an iMac 27" minidisplay port to get the mac mini's video. It worked great for about 2 weeks, but now it gives me nothing but problems - ARD goes out on the server, it pretty much locks up and has to be hard reset.

    This configuration is supported, according to Lacie, my two eSATA devices were a Lacie 2 TB BigDisk Quadra, and a Lacie 8TB 4big Quadra, and the final link is the minidisplay port cable.

    As I said, your configuration should be supported since you are using all thunderbolt cabling, but then again, my configuration is also supported, but I'm having problems.

  • You dont want to have it in between. The lacie hub can daisy chain. I go from my 15" MBP to the thunderbolt display then to the hub at the end of the line. Enventually I will have another monitor, in which I would go from MBP to mon1 to mon2 then to the hub.

    Also i find that connecting the esata devices while the machine is on is spotty at best. I have no problems if it is connected turned on and I reboot my machine. Make sure all your esata devices are on first before turning on your laptop.

    I hope this helps.

  • In order to daisy chain a device you are going to need another device. I am thinking you have a Storage Device that runs through Thunderbolt/Thundervolt, yes you can hook up the monitor and the storage device. Just plug the storage device into your MBA and then plug your monitor into the back of the storage device.