If I use my personal iPhone account with Square for the company I work for, will it keep my personal itunes account/email/bank/e and my work separate?

I work in a property management company that sales fitness center passes to vacation renters. Currently they have to pay cash or check. My company wants to get the square reader so that we can accept credit cards. However, they want me to use my iPhone. Will using the square card reader and app interfere at all with my personal data?

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    Square requires you to set up an account with them through their website. All swiped cards and transactions go through that account, NOT through your apple iTunes account. Your company is able to set up a Square account, then they can give you limited access to the account so you are able to accept payments on your iPhone while still having the money be deposited into their company account. Essentially you are using your iPhone simply as a terminal and all the money and settings are the company's.