If you have a movie on an SD card, will it play on your iPad mini or Macbook Air from the SD card in the reader?

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    I have tried it on my iMini, and yes it works...to a degree.
    First you need to setup a file structure on your SD card while it's inserted into your Desktop/Laptop.
    Create a main folder named>DCIM, then a sub folder inside of it named>100DICAM.
    Copy your Image files or Videos in the sub-folder, make sure that your files have an 8-character format such as DSC_1234.mp4 or .jpg.
    Once you connect your SD Lightning Connector your Photos/Video Albums will open up, Select and Import the files into your Album. You will have the option to Delete or Keep the Files on the SD Card upon successful transfer.

    *you must make sure that your video format is H.264 compliant otherwise it will not play.

  • first you have to import it (if compatible format) then you can play it in you mini