I'm looking for the old keyboard that is not low profile. Any available?

I type at approximately 80 to 90wpm and go through 2 keyboards a year. I prefer the higher profile keyboard as opposed to the ultra thin, low profile keyboard. Where can I buy one?

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Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Product No Longer Available

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    I think you're looking for a keyboard like this one, do a search for

    "Apple Pro USB Keyboard White A1048"

    and that will give you a bunch of hits for the keyboard I believe you're looking for, if you haven't found it already (which you very well might have, considering this question is a few months old, but since the only answer I saw was from several days ago, I figured I'd kick in my two cents since I was sure I knew exactly what you were looking for).

    My iMac actually came with that keyboard a couple years back, maybe 3 years ago I forget, and I still have a wireless version of it which works just fine with 10.6.8 which I'm running now, and it's USB (or bluetooth with the wireless one) so it's compatible with any newer or even older Mac, really. I used that keyboard for a long time on a few different models, and I liked it a lot as far as the feel and the key sensitivity and rebound, the only problem I always had with it was inherent to the design, it tended to build up a lot of dust and grime under the keys where it was very hard to clean out. The case was clear, so you could see all of the dirt that fell down below the keys, unfortunately. If you stay on top of it with a vacuum it's not too bad, but if not, it's impossible to clean without literally taking every single key off and doing some major cleaning work! Otherwise I think it's a great keyboard, I still use the wireless version today in combination with the low profile wired one on my desk. Good luck! Oh, you can find them on auction sites as well as online stores and maybe even some traditional brick and mortar stores like Target or something.

  • I would look around at stores like Target and such that used to sell the keyboard protectors but they are NOT USB.