I'm using it on a Windows XP. :-) Is there drivers to make the numpad active?

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

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    Hit the 'clear' key, which corresponds to 'Num Lock' on a standard PC keyboard. There's no Num Lock light so you'll have to keep track of the state in your head, but unless you accidentally hit 'clear' again it should be fine.

  • Never mind! I just had to hit the 'Clear' button to activate the numeric keypad! :) Duh!

    Loving this keyboard on my Windows machine! I type much much faster! Nice!
    Better watch out Microsoft, Apple is slowly winning me over, iPhone, iTunes, keyboard ... lol

  • yes use boot camp form your OS X disk.

    to activate the numeric pad you press the [X] key on the number pad to toggle this function and not the F8 key as thats for the old plastic style keyboards.. its in the help section of bootcamp in windows (well hidden but I found it)

    I use XP in boot camp with this keyboard