is both the case and the cover is included in that price or the case only without the top part ?

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

Product No Longer Available

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  • Everything seen in the picture is what you get for the price listed.

  • Mohamed E, this is a one piece item. It's a case for protection for both front and back of the iPad.

  • The case and cover are attached to each other and irremovable from each other, so the price includes both the case and the cover together because they are attached to one another.

  • Yes! It is one solid piece of polyurethane, so it has the back and front included the price. Hope that helps. :)

  • its fused together

  • the top piece (the flap) is fused to the back part making the whole case one piece so the price is for both.

  • It is a one piece cover, so you get front and back coverage. Think of it as the original iPad black cover, but with a smart cover built in.

  • all together. Got one today. I like it.

  • The case is all 1. So the smart cover is included an the back cover.

  • It is a full case, both top and bottom pieces.

  • Yes, the smart case includes both the "case and the cover." You do not buy these components separately.

  • Hi Mohamed, both the case AND cover are included as one single unit. Therefore, if you have an existing smart cover, you don't need it at all if you have the smart case. You can't detach one from the other, it's all together as one single unit, I know this because I just picked up one from one of the retail stores today.

  • The price includes the case and cover but both are considered one case.

  • It's one piece.

  • The price is for both (a unibody front and back cover)

  • 1-piece design. If you get this, you do not need to purchase a separate cover.

  • The case and the cover are one unit. Everything is included in the listed price.

  • The price is for the whole unit. I don't think the top part is separate from the bottom part.

  • From what I can see this is all one piece that does not detach so for that price you get both the case and the cover

  • The front and back cover of the iPad smart case are one piece. They can't not be bought in two separate pieces.