Is it possible to connect an iPhone or iPad to these using the standard dock connector to usb cable as you would if you were connecting to a Mac?

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers

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    You can use the iPad Camera Connecter USB adapter.

    Plug the adapter into the iPad and then plug the USB cable into the MM-1 speaker.

    This will allow you take take advantage of B&W's DAC chip, while using an iPad, etc.

  • The same question went through my mind before I bought these MM1s. The short answer is, no. The inputs to the MM1s are either (and only) by the double-male-ended jack plug or the USB lead, both supplied with these speakers. As you know, the USB input is the preferred option since this bypasses the source DAC and utilises the MM1's onboard and very impressive DAC, whereas the jack plug does not. Hence your question, I suspect. You cannot plug the USB end of your iPhone jack-plug-to-USB-plug lead into the MM1s. The only way to connect your iPhone and iPad directly to the MM1s are with the jack lead supplied with these speakers. I suppose you could daisy-chain your iPhone through your Mac then onto the MM1s via the supplied USB lead but I haven't needed to try that because my Mac contains all my iTunes music (as does my iPhone and iPad) so there is no need. I always connect my Mac to the MM1s with the USB lead. If you have other sources on your iPhone or iPad you would like to play via the MM1s best, in my opinion, to load equivalent software to your Mac. I did this, for example, by buying Snowtape on my Mac to replicate (and better) the Wonder Radio app on my iPhone. Hope this is of some help.