Is it possible to plug in two external monitors?

Is it possible to output to two monitors in an extended desktop (not mirrored)? That way I can have two 24" monitors hooked up to a thunderbolt MacBook Pro.

  • Asked about:  Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock

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    Yes and No. The dock has two thunderbolt ports but one of them is used to plug into your mac so only one is left over, so no using 2 24" monitors wouldn't work.

    However, if you have a Thunderbolt equipped monitor like I do, I plugged the dock into the spare thunderbolt port on the monitor and used the spare port on the dock to plug in my Wacom Cintiq Monitor/Tablet. So I have 17" Macbook Pro to Thunderbolt Monitor to Thunderbolt Dock to Cintiq for a total of 3 monitors.

    Plugging another monitor directly into the Thunderbolt monitor doesn't work but if another Thunderbolt device is in between then it works.

  • It's possible when connected in chain.