is it possible to use two multiple bridges in one home? The apple store guy said NO, but Im still questioning it.

So here is my set up: I need 4 bulbs for my living room, and 2 for the deck thats separated from the living room by a glass door. i was planning on getting two of the 3-starter packs to have 6 bulbs in total, connect 4 bulbs i use for the living room to one bridge, and connect the remaining 2 bulbs for the deck with the other bridge. The apple store guy said i won't be able to connect two bridges in one house. So i'd need to buy one 3-bulb starter pack, and 3 single ones.

I prefer to have two bridges though (if its possible), so when i turn on one bridge, ONLY the lights of the living room turn on, not the decks (and the other way around). and, if it IS possible, does it make more sense this way?

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

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    You can do this with one bridge. In the Hue application, you can set each different profile to control any individual, set, or group of lights you want -- you define which lights apply to each profile, so you have full control. This requires only 1 bridge.

    I have one bridge, and I'm controlling bedroom lights and living room lights seperately with a single bridge.