Is nike+ sensor compatible with iphone 5s?if so,is it necessary?

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    Yes it is compatible. It's only needed if you plan to run without holding the phone while running or if you don't plan to strap the phone to your arm using an armband. For instance if you plan to run on a treadmill and want to leave the phone docked to the treadmill iPod Dock or if you want to leave it resting on the treadmill. I feel there is also an advantage to using the foot pod once it is calibrated. It will be more accurate especially if you run outside and GPS isn't reliable (heavily wooded areas or in cities with tall buildings). Even on a treadmill it can be more accurate once calibrated. You must use the Nike+ iPod app and NOT the Nike+ Running app. The running app only uses GPS or the MotionX tech which utilizes the other motion sensors in the phone.