Is the 3D Touch functionality limited to iPhone's with a 3D Touch Display?

In the Did you notice? section it reads "You can press more deeply on the screen of your iPhone or iPad with 3D TOUCH to squish and stretch your creations." the fact that it says iPhone OR iPad with 3D Touch is surprising because currently only the 6S and 7 family of iPhones have a feature marketed as 3D Touch. Is the 3D Touch a function Hasbro has implemented into their app to allow for any compatible iOS device like an iPhone 5 or an iPad or is that a typo that iPad can 3D Touch the Play-Doh creations?

Play-Doh TOUCH Shape to Life Studio

Play-Doh TOUCH Shape to Life Studio

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  • Only devices that have 3D Touch implemented into their hardware can support 3D Touch. So yes, the app will only use 3D Touch when on a device with 3D Touch. Any device without 3D touch will still work with the app if it is compatible, it just will not let you use 3D Touch.