Is the AirPort Extreme Compatable with a Comcast Modem/Router

Please Hang with me here, I am NOT an Apple User as of "YET", and not really great at Computer Language. That said, here goes.
1). I own a 2 year old DELL Laptop, (Don't Like It at all)! its Slow, has 4 Gigs of RAM and a 2.16 Gighrtz Processor. I am Looking to go with an Apple Laptop.
2). We have Comcast Internet Service Wireless Router Modem that is 150MB Download and 12MB Upload. It is there Latest Modem and was replaced 2 weeks ago. I use my Laptop Hardwired to the Modem with an Ethernet Cable, My Wife has a Dell Desktop that is Hard Wired also, if I switch to wireless "IE" Unplug the Ethernet Cable, I can go to Starbucks and get a cup of coffee and come back and the Page "MIGHT BE" Loaded. Wired, it aint much faster!
So, I have talked to some friends that have apple Computer Laptops and swear by them. What I don't know is, are they Wireless "ONLY"? How do I use my Printer that has a USB Cable attached (Not Wireless)?
3). If I buy an Apple Laptop Computer, And, want to use it at its FASTEST / BEST Speeds and Capabilities, can I purchase the AirPort Extreme, and use it with or Attached to the Comcast Modem to get better Distance and more reliable Internet service? We Stream Netflix, VuDu, Pandora, and such regularly. Our TV Is an older Plasma Unit from 2003 and we have DIRECT TV with the Wireless GENIE'S, Can someone Explain to me in Layman's Terms if this will work without me having to call Comcast In the Philippines and getting all Upset, And, just what I have to do if I go to the Expense of Switching over to APPLE and an AirPort Extreme Router. Sorry if I have forgotten anything, but I am not sure how much longer I can deal with DELL. My wife has No Intention of switching anything with her system until it Fails, and does not want to go away from the Hard Wired Set up. Any Help is Appreciated. Thank You So Much. Ken Davis. By The Way, my Family all has I Phones and I Pads...

  • Asked by fn from San Jose
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    yes. just got this and it's working. it's also much faster than I dreamed it could be, and I could not believe the setup process. If I had to guess, I would say it took me about 2 minutes because I had to reboot. Pleasantly surprised! When you use a modem/router, you will have to tell Comcast to disable the router part. it may take some effort. A better way is to buy your own modem, and they work great together. (I have an Arris g surfboard modem and this router - it's so fast!)

    • Answered by Rochelle A. A from Dublin
  • From what I understand, you turn off the router (wireless) part of the modem/router and connect the AirPort to the WAN/LAN port. Then, the modem passes data to the AirPort where the AirPort acts as the wireless router. Your modem/router may have a switch on the back or you may have to go into the software via method.

    The Airport has ports to connect non-wireless devices such as printers, etc.

    • Answered by Ivan M from Ellensburg
  • 1) check the model of the macbook... some newer models of the basic macbook do not have usb or ethernet.
    I have a macbook pro retina, doesn't have ethernet but there is an accessory you can buy that the plugs into the thunderbolt jack if you need ethernet. It also has a usb jack

    2) Comcast probably has a stand alone modem, if not, you can probably buy one. If you have no choice but to use comcast's router call them & have them disable the NAT because airport has it's own NAT. if you have to disable Airport's NAT, it limits some features that are useful.

    • Answered by Jenevieve M from Venice
  • We use ours with a comcast modem with no issues.

    • Answered by Ezekiel E from Hanover