Is the band expandable to fit larger arms

Incase Sports Armband Pro for iPhone 4

Incase Sports Armband Pro for iPhone 4

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    It is, up to a point. But it won't fit big biceps, I think. I have larger biceps and, while it still fits, I can tell that should my arms get a lot bigger it won't fit eventually. The strap isn't elastic, so it's also rather uncomfortable since it doesn't stretch as your muscle flexes.

  • The band barely fits my arms amd I have a medium muscular build

  • It is somewhat expandable. One thing that may be possible, although I haven't tried this, is to buy a Velcro strap (you can get from a hardware store) and extend the length of your band that way.

    Although the band is not elastic, I think it was intentionally designed that way because if it was elastic, it would end up sliding down your arm.

  • In a word: YES!