Is the Bose SoundDock Portable compatible with an Iphone 4?

Is the Bose SoundDock Portable compatible with an Iphone 4?

Bose SoundDock Portable

Bose SoundDock Portable

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    I can't speak officially on behalf of Apple or Bose, but I have the new iphone 4 and it works fine with my Bose Portable Sounddock Station.
    One thing that I had to do, was I had to remove the adapter plate that I had inserted for my original iphone and leave the slot open to accept the iphone 4. Why? Not because the iphone is too deep, but because the rubber "Belkin" case I bought for the new iphone 4 makes it not make good contact with the contacts on the base of the Bose.
    Now, a word of caution! I've heard that if you remove the plate and go without it, your iphone is more susceptable to movement on the cradle and I've heard of other Bose owners breaking the recepticle pins off at the base. careful!

    Hope this helps.......

  • I had to take the protective skin off the phone for it to work, now works beautifully

  • My iPhone 4 works great with the Sounddock Portable. Even with the case. At first it didn't charge or even recognize my iPhone untill I removed the pre installed dock adapter with a flat head screwdriver. Now I can get everything to work. iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G, iPod Nano...
    Is the Sounddock compatible with the Apple dock adapters? Would make for a more stable fit.

  • My Iphone 4 does NOT work with the Bose sounddock portable, doesn't charge it, doesn't even recognize it. Very frustrated as I just bought the sounddock portable less than 2 months ago...any suggestions out there????

  • I just got the new Verizon iPhone 4G and couldn't get it to work on my Bose portable dock until I saw this thread. Took it out of the skin (Griffin SLIMLINE...not bulky at all) and tried it. Works like a charm...charges AND plays. Thanks, guys! :-)

  • I thought my iPhone 4 was not compatible with my Bose SoundDock Portable, so I used an auxiliary audio adapter that connects to the back of the Bose SoundDock to the earphone jack of the iPhone 4. It works great with no discernible loss in audio quality (at least none that I could hear), but the iPhone doesn't charge. It is a good alternative though, in case you cannot seem to get it to work with the SoundDock.

  • I found that at first my IPhone would not even pick up the Bose sound dock, i then found out that the charging unit in the bottom of the IPhone was full of fluff i used a sewing pin to pull it all out of the bottom of the phone took me twenty minutes to half an hour to do i then placed it in my Bose SoundDock Portable and found now that the bottom was completely clear it worked perfectly even with the cradle thing at the bottom in so i would advise before you take that out check the bottom of your phone and make sure it is completely clear.

  • 10-31-2011
    Yes, our new iPhone 4S works just fine with the Bose Soundock as long at the protective bumper is off so a complete connection can be made with the iPhone 4s and the Soundock unit. Great, great sound!!!!
    Phil Q

  • yep, you gys are all correct. but what worked for me is i had to press down pretty hard and realised that the Iphone needed to sit forward a little to work. I have now loged a little peice of plastic behind the ipod , in the dock to prop it foward a little. works really well for now.
    thanks heaps guys.

  • I actually just docked my iPhone 4 on the Portable for the first time since I got it. Everything works fine here. I didn't even have the error message about compatibility.

  • I didn't think mine was working, but after fiddling about I realised that I hadn't clicked the phone into the base properly. It's working fine now.

  • well I saw in many many foruns it saying Ipod 4g is not compatible with bose SounnDock II, so I went to store and bought one for me. When I tried at the first time, it came up to my mind to return it, but then I looked at this forum and thought in remove the case, it worked perfectly. So it should work with all Iphone / IPod devices.

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