Is the IPhone 5 compatible with the Bose SoundDock?

Bose SoundDock Portable

Bose SoundDock Portable

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    Yes, it works with the Lightning to 30-pin adapter. I have the compact adapter, and although the speakers charge the phone as normal and everything acts like you have an iphone 4 docked, I would suggest the corded adapter. The compact one adds a little height and it's easy to wiggle the phone back and forth. If you're going to set it on a table like I do, there's no problem, but if you'll be carrying it around, use the one with the cord so your phone doesn't fall off of the dock.

  • I checked out the phone at my local Best Buy and asked the rep there the same question. He said no. He said he verified this with Bose himself.

  • Yes both adapters work with the bose sounddock. The remote
    Also works. Which was a relief!!!

  • I have an iPhone 5, purchased the Lightning to 30 pin adapter and plugged it in. It worked perfectly and with the remote as well. I have a case on my iPhone and it took a little extra push to put the Lightning adapter in because the end on it is larger than the one that comes with the phone but it did work.

  • It worked for a about 5 minutes and has not worked since Although not the Bose sound, I used a spare pair of Sony speakers through the audio port and it worked just fine. Now I am wondering if I blew the Bose.

  • No. I tried to plug my iPhone 5 into my set of Bose speakers. It didn't work. Soon, in I think a month, Bose will come out with speakers that are compatible for the iPhone 5.