Is the Mac version compatible with Quickbooks Pro for the PC?

My business partner currently runs Quickbooks Pro on his PC. We want to be able to work together managing our finances, but unfortunately he is PC user and I am a Mac user. I want to try to prevent having to by a PC. The version he has is Quickbooks Pro 2010 (PC).

Intuit QuickBooks 2011 for Mac

Intuit QuickBooks 2011 for Mac

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    Here is a url that walks you through converting a Quickbooks file from the Mac edition to Windows. I cannot paste a link below, so you'll need to change the (dot) to .



    You will not be able to convert QBPro 2010 (win) -> QBPro 2011 (Mac). Since the 2009 version, you can only convert to and from the same version.