Is the sd card reader limit to 32gb

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    Yes - the SD card can only read up to 32 GB SD cards. If you have the newer 64GB or 128GB SD cards they will NOT work.

  • I have a Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB SDXC card. My iPad Mini Retina is able to read the card, however it is EXTREMELY slow to load the thumbnails, and will often crash during import of more than a hundred photos.

    After much testing and frustration, I've determined that the problem lies with the card's format.

    Cards of capacity 32GB or less are formatted as FAT32, aka "MS-DOS (FAT)" in OS X Disk Utility.

    Cards of capacity greater than 32GB are "supposed" to be formatted as exFAT (search Wikipedia).

    But... you can manually format a 64GB card as FAT32 using "Erase" in Disk Utility.

    I have just done this, and now the thumbnails are generated almost instantly on my iPad and photos import without issue.

    Note that I have not yet tested with hundreds of photos, nor with video. Also, my Fuji X-T1 camera seems to have no problems with a 64GB card formatted as FAT32, though other cameras may have problems. Lastly, a great advantage of exFAT is being able to record video files larger than 4GB, so you obviously forfeit this advantage by formatting your card as FAT32.

  • No I have used it with a 64GB and it worked fine.

  • Responders need to identify the brand of the card used and the specific model. Is it an SXDC or not? What? That will help us suss this out.

  • I tried a Sandisk 64GB SD card in the reader, and it failed to work. Renders the unit useless. I have the USB version, will try that and see if it works,

  • No. My new camera with SDXC 64GB card imports to my iPad v4 with my SD Card Reader. I insert the SD card into the reader before attaching the reader to my iPad. Evidently something (HW/SW?) changed that allows the import. Happy to say!