Is there a good mouse mat available? I don't need the expensive gaming version, just something that works better than what I have.

QA Apple Mighty Mouse

QA Apple Mighty Mouse

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    It's down to preference, you can get gaming mice mats that differ in texture. For example; One side of the mouse mat is smooth allowing the mouse the glide along the mat effortlessly

    Where as the other side, being the rougher side is there for precision.

    The mouse mat I'm referring to is the eXactMat by Razer

  • There are so many different types of mouse pads available that the answer to your question must be, "YES!" What qualifies as "good" and "better than what I have" will be totally up to you and your own preferences. Some users like soft pads; some like hard, crisp pads; and some like no pad at all, preferring their desk tops over any pad. If avoiding the expense of what you consider an expensive pad is important to you, try a simple legal-pad of paper. The surface is crisp and link-free, and a brand new surface is always ready and waiting for the top sheet to be torn off.

  • You don't need a mouse mat with an optical mouse.