is there a shell that will fit the new 13 inch MacBook Pro (2016)?

I got the new MacBook Pro, 13 inches, with touch bar. I am terrified bringing it around school all day and I am literally carrying it in the box. I don't really want to spend any money on a sleeve because I will replace it with the shell within weeks. Is there a shell that will work yet?

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    There is a shell case available for the 13" without touchbar from I asked them about the touchbar version (apparently it needs a different case for some reason) - the touch bar version is being released anytime now they tell me.

  • I have been looking "high & low" for one since purchasing my Mac the first week the new version came out. After searching, trying an older version out (which was too large), & discussing it was an Apple rep, I don't believe there are any out there. The Apple rep, at the time, a few weeks ago, told me that there were none they "backed up". I am in the same situation that you are. I am terrified to drop mine & feel like I don't use mine as much as I would because of that. I did get a cheap soft case to keep it in on my desk to prevent something from spilling on it. Hopefully there will be one made soon! If you find one please post! =)

  • I suppose a shell for the touch bar will be different because of the extra USB-c ports.

  • Speck now makes case