Is there any thing you can put on the back to prevent it from being so slippery?

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    You can get many hard slim cases for the back and also you could get a Zagg invisible shield which is a thin protector for all the body, like a screen protector all the way round. This has a nice resistance to it.

  • Yes you can get skin. Skin is kind of like a sticker for the back of your ipad thet covers the whole back

  • There is also a great product coming out to solve this problem. It is a leather back and handle for the iPad and it is wonderful in its simplicity. I can't share the link here but you can can search "kickstarter leather handle for iPad" and see a video and pictures of the product.

  • try ghost armour or a zagg sheild get the matte finish one its not shinny or slippery

  • Look for a hardshell case with some kind of texture. Look online, you'll be searching forever if you look in stores. If you have a Smart Cover, you can also fold it flat against the back of the iPad which will help to add grip when you hold it.

  • The folding magnetic covers sold by Apple can easily be folded back under the iPad, either when in use or when one simply wants it not to slide around. That puts a soft, suede or suede-like leather surface against what's under it. It doesn't slide at all on my tabletop.

  • yes. there a lot of different covers that cover the back of the iPad instead of the front. anyone of them would fix that problem.

  • yes you can put on a case