Is this a good router for Netflix?

  • Asked by fn from Fort Erie
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

Product No Longer Available

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    It's great for Netflix, but you should be aware that the limiting factor for most people is the speed of their internet service, not the router capacity. You'll be happiest if you have a connection with an upload speed of 25 mbps or higher. I have a 50 mbps connection, the new Airport extreme, and Netflix is smooth even with UHD content such as House of Cards.

    Note, though, that most TVs and AppleTV aren't set up to use 802.11ac yet, so most likely you'll be using the slower n-band, which is still plenty fast enough for most material, including HD and UHD (as long as you don't have 6 roommates using the system at the same time!). I've resorted to connecting my TV via ethernet to take advantage of the fiber connection I have. When Apple comes out with a new AppleTV with 802.11ac, I'll switch back to wi-fi for Netflix.

    • Answered by Brian W from Lincoln
  • I have this router and netflix streams wirelessly through my blu ray player. It works excellent. I have not had a single issue.

    • Answered by Andrew S from Plains