Is this case non-skid like the old 4S bumper case so it wont easily slide?

iPhone 5s Case

iPhone 5s Case

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3 Answers from the Community

  • I now have one of the cases. It is not the equal of the original bumper case in my opinion. It is thinner which is nice, but it offers little protection should you drop it. It does make sure that the front glass does not hit when placed face down. It is mildly non-skid, but not like the bumper case. All in all, a step backwards.

  • It has a grip feel to it but this will not last if the case is not cleaned now and again as natural oil and dirt will cause the leather to deteriorate.

  • I would say it is semi-non-skid. While not as sticky as the bumper case, it is not as slippery as a naked phone.