Is this drive fast enough to download and edit pictures from using Photoshop Elements. Bottom-line, I want to use this as the primary drive for Photos

I am a novice photographer and I shoot in RAW so some pictures are 25Meg

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    Yes. All external hard drives made in the last 5 years will easily fulfil this requirement for you. If you need the utmost speed possible then investing in a RAID 0 drive such as this one might be a good idea. Two things though:

    1) A RAID 0 drive is more susceptible to data loss because it requires both the drives in the array to be functional in order for data to be accessed. Physically, this is actually two hard disks in one enclosure and if either fails there will be data loss. The speed benefits must be weighed against the reduced data safety.

    2) If you are using Photoshop Elements then you are probably not a professional and in that case you would be better saving your money and using a cheaper drive. Even very cheap drives will provide data access as speeds good enough for photo editing. Even for a professional photographer (which is my vocation), a RAID 0 is overkill in my opinion. I am looking at this drive to see if it can be used in RAID 1 instead. In RAID 1, the size of the drive would be halved but each of the physical drives inside would be a copy of the other, essentially doing my backup for me automatically. If one failed, I'd still have all my data.

    Always have backups of your data. Hope that helped.