Is this Lion compatible? How about the Tokend application that I might need?

SCM SCR3500 Smart Card Reader

SCM SCR3500 Smart Card Reader

Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • There are multiple sources for you to obtain the Tokend modules to support your Smart Card. By the way, all of the other components of the Smart Card Services are still presented and updated by Apple directly.

    There are commercial offerings that are paid and free from Centrify, charismathics, Thursby, etc.

    The original Tokend modules (and even the source code) are being maintained and freely distributed under the "SmartCardServices" project at MacOSForge.Org. Go to the Downloads link and you will find installers for OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion.

  • Yes it is compatible. After some homework and research i got mine to work. Apple support didn't really help much because they said everything was already on the Operating system and to contact the manufacturer. The drivers are no longer pre-installed with LION, as such, you need to download the tokend components from a non-apple site and install them in order for the apple computer to detect the smart cards.