Is this product Wifi on the wireless, RF, Bluetooth?

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

Product No Longer Available

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    The bridge must be connected with ethernet cable to your router and then connection between bulbs and bridge are wireless, its a zigbee certified product so its RF.

  • None of the above. It is Zigbee, a competitor to Z Wave. I run many Z Wave lights, and Apple Dual Band WIFI and these Zigbee lights. NO INTERFERENCE WHATSOEVER!!

  • It uses the ZigBee wireless mesh network standard.

  • Bulbs are connected between hub using a mesh network — ZigBee Light Link.
    Hub itself is connected via Ethernet to your Wi-Fi router.

  • The bridge connects to your wireless router and works over your wifi network.

  • It uses a ZigBee hub to control the lamps using the ZigBee Light Link standard.

  • I think it is on the ZigBee mesh network (assuming that is what you are asking). It works nicely so far with the router plugged into the Airport.

  • Wifi. The Starter pack includes a bridge, which will need to be connected to your wireless router. This will allow you to control up to x50 bulbs

  • The product uses Wifi to connect the bridge to your home network. The lights connect to the bridge (and each other) via Zigbee.

  • Wifi and rf

  • It works with your wireless network. Bluetooth could not be used as it's only good for short range. RF would not work either as it has no networking capabilities.

  • It is Wifi only.